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These illnesses have an incubation period of between two to six days. People typically start to become contagious in the hours preceding the initial onset of. If your baby has bronchiolitis, you should avoid contact with other people in the first few days, as the virus that causes bronchiolitis is contagious. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the large breathing tubes (bronchi) in the lungs. The illness can be short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic).

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Acute bronchitis, which is usually caused by a virus, is contagious for up to a week (although symptoms may last up to three weeks). Less often, acute. These extended periods of inflammation cause sticky mucus to build up in the airways, leading to long-term breathing difficulties. Along with emphysema, chronic. If you have acute bronchitis, you are considered contagious and may need to stay home from work or school for several days. One of the professionals at our walk.

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Chronic bronchitis isn't contagious, but it's a serious health problem that requires a doctor's care. Acute bronchitis, which can last for 1 to 3 weeks. Chronic bronchitis is not contagious. The condition is usually caused by smoking and other airborne environmental hazards that cause damage to your br. Chronic bronchitis is a long-term and irreversible condition that affects the It is also not infectious or contagious to other dogs; dogs with chronic.