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How well do you know the fifth Harry Potter book? Welcome to the next in our series of quizzes that challenge your knowledge of each of the Harry Potter. This quiz ranks which HP characters you are most similar to, including Sirius Black, Tom Riddle, Prof. McGonagall, and more. Get accurate results. Which Harry Potter Character Are You? Quiz introduction. Quirky like Luna? Gentle like Hagrid? Intellectual like Hermione? Evil like Voldemort?

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Which Harry Potter character are you? 5 hours ago RavenclawGirl · Books Personality. Hello! This is my first quiz (I am so excited. If you want to know which Harry Potter character are you, this quiz can help you. Just answer some simple personality questions to discover your true. Some lucky Hogwarts student can't wait to take you on a date.

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Characters of the Harry Potter saga are thoroughly described in the books, each corresponding to a certain hero type. Find out which hero you are here! 3. Hermione Granger. Ever wondered what Harry Potter character are you? If you are one of those brave women, who would readily fight away any problematic. This quiz will determine which Harry Potter character you're most like. It's like the Sorting Hat, but much less grumpy.