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Battery Movements. Product List. Products: (1 - 18 of 49). Mini Size Quartz Clock Movement Mini Quartz Clock Movement, runs on one AA battery. ** Includes your choice of Regular Hands. Walnut Hollow offers clock movements that can be used when building handmade clocks.

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Details. Turners Select™ Quartz Clock Movements are very popular among woodturners for making craft show projects and gifts. Every movement is high quality. Battery Movements. Product List. Products: (1 - 18 of 49). New generation clocks supplies quartz clock spare parts, movements and hands, specialise in high torque clock movements, pendulum clock movements silent.

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A choice of two quartz-controlled clock movements, accurate to within ±30 seconds per month and capable of running for one year on a single AA battery (not. High Torque Clock Movement With HANDS with Installation Instructions included. This quartz clock movements make clock-making a snap - no clock building. Quartz Clock Movements. Products (Total Items: 4). Sort by: Use Default Sorting, Order By.